Allow guests to view offers and facilities through your app

Maximising revenue with Holidaymaker

With guests seeking personalised experiences and convenient solutions, leveraging technology has become essential for capturing their attention and boosting on-site spending.

Bright future for UK Holiday Parks

A positive outlook for the UK holiday park industry

The Pitching the Value 2024 Economic Benefit Report conducted by Frontline on behalf of the The UK Caravan & Camping Alliance (UKCCA)

AI and guest experience

Building authentic experiences

With AI being the latest buzzword, it's natural to wonder about its implications for your business, especially concerning your staff, website, and guest app.

Holidaymaker App

Make your guest experience market-leading

Exceeding guest expectations isn’t just a nice to have, it’s a strategic necessity. Understanding and enhancing your guest experience has many benefits, from driving revenue and reducing costs to building loyalty.

Family walking along beach

Guidebook or Guest Experience App?

Travel, whether for leisure or business, has undergone a huge change with the integration of technology.


The Holidaymaker Q&A

In this Q&A find out six essential need to know answers to common questions and guidance on how to get started.


Go the extra mile with Go Explore!

A feature-rich module empowering your guests to discover, plan, and explore


Supporting Greener Tourism

By utilising technology, parks can help to improve their green credentials, and encourage more eco-friendly practices


Unlocking savings with direct bookings

There are many benefits to encouraging your guests to book directly through you.


Turn Guests into Homeowners

Increasing guest spend is essential to the longevity of your business


2024 Roadmap

Developments planned over the next 12-18 months


Guest apps, a smart investment

Staying ahead of the competition can be both challenging and expensive... but what if there was another way?

Family making memories

The power of experiences

How technology is elevating guest experience across the leisure and hospitality industry


Secure late season revenue with Holidaymaker

How adding your own guest experience app can help to secure late season bookings.


Autumn Events

We look forward to seeing many of you over the next few months!


Rising bookings across West Dorset holiday parks

Despite the lack of sun this August, an increase in bookings signals bright prospects for UK holiday parks


Revolutionising the guest experience

In the fast-paced digital age, communication has become the cornerstone of excellent guest experience.


Supporting your sustainable journey

Use tecnology to improve your green credentials and meet the demands of environmentally conscious guests.


Reclaiming the personal touch

Remember the early days when businesses thrived on genuine connections with guests?


Beyond stereotypes, marketing to the over 50s

Marketing to the over 50s, like to any group, requires a deep understanding of their diverse needs, interests, and behaviours.


Why you need a guest app

Revolutionise the way you run your park. Helping to drive bookings and spend, save you money and boost guest loyalty.

Waterside Holiday Home Sales

seeview Digital Signage

Enhance the Guest Experience at Your Holiday Park with seeview Digital Display & Signage


The Home Owner Experience

Looking to enhance the on-site experience for your home owners? We've got you covered!

Lady's Mile Splash Pool

Lady’s Mile launches exclusive activity passport

Lady’s Mile is a family-run park in Dawlish, South Devon that is dedicated to giving everyone a holiday to remember.

The latest Holidaymaker client, Wooda Farm Holiday Park

Changing the Holiday Park Experience

The tourism industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation, thanks to the advent of digital technologies.


Skelwith Fold are boosting guest loyalty

Skelwith Fold in Ambleside has been owned by the Wild family for over 25 years


Streamline operations and save money

Holiday parks are a popular destination for families, couples and individuals looking for a fun-filled break


Nervous about sending push notifications?

Putting off sending notifications because you’re unsure of what to say?


Upgrade your customer service

A guest experience app is not a replacement for in-person customer service, it's an upgrade.


Don’t think you have the time to launch an app?

With the 2023 season beginning, we understand that for many parks, time is in short supply. If only you had a way to free up you and your staff…


You could build your own app, but why would you?

Nothing beats face to face customer service, however more and more guests expect easy access to information digitally, leading many businesses to develop their own apps to meet this expectation.


How app technology can save your park money

With costs rising for all of us, finding new ways to save money is at the forefront of many business strategies.

skelwith fold caravan park

Holidaymaker integration with what3words

Holidaymaker App has adopted what3words location technology to allow clients to guide guests to the correct entrance.


How App Technology is Enhancing Guest Experience

Although superior guest service will always include in-person interactions between staff and guests, holiday parks that evolve towards a mobile-first approach can truly excel.


The Dorset Tourism Awards 2022/23

We are so pleased to have sponsored this year’s Camping and Caravanning Park of the Year Award.


Holidaymaker Downloads Pass 100,000!

A huge milestone as guest app downloads pass 100,000 across iOS and Android devices.


Boost guest experience and drive growth

Engage with your guests throughout the customer journey

Celebrating our integration with GemaParks and Ian and Chris of Coast & Country Parks

Holiday Park Resort Show 2022

We had a great week at the Holiday Park & Resort 2022

Promoting your HolidayMaker App

Top tips for marketing your holiday park app

Congratulations on launching your Holidaymaker App!

RMS Cloud Holidaymaker App Partner

Holidaymaker partners with RMS

Holidaymaker App is delighted to partner with RMS Cloud - one of the industry-leading property management software solutions for the holiday park, campsites and hotel sector.

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