The power of push notifications

The Power of Push Notifications For Holiday Parks

You have taken delivery of your brand-new Holidaymaker app but how do you use it to engage with your guests for the first time and tell them all about the great things you have on offer at your park?

Push notifications are a powerful feature of Holidaymaker that enables you to send messages to specific groups of users in the most effective way possible.

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are messages that show up on your guests’ phones when they are either not looking at their phones or are outside of your app. They appear as a pop-up message, similar to those you get when you receive a text message or email reminder.

You can set up push notifications with Holidaymaker and send them to your guests’ phones. Your guests can opt-in to receive these or opt-out at any time to stop seeing your messages. Push notifications are generally short messages that appear in a phone’s notification centre and then direct the user to your app.

Some interesting facts about push notifications

Push notifications are a relatively recent, but extremely efficient channel. Here’s a list of facts that show you why push notifications are such a powerful communication channel for your holiday park:-

  • Push notifications have an open rate of 90%.  That is 50% higher than email marketing, meaning that you can reach more guests more effectively with push notifications.
  • The click-through rate from a push notification is 7 times higher than that of email marketing.
  • Push notifications boost app engagement by 88%.
  • 65% of users return to an app within 30 days when push notifications are enabled.
  • Retention rate can be as high as 93% with segmentation
  • Only 8% of people ignore push notifications.  That means that 92% of users engage with them in some way.

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Why you should use push notifications

Here are a few reasons why you can’t afford to waste the potential that push notifications offer your holiday park:

  • Engage with client before, during and after their stay
  • Provide information in real-time
  • Personalise messages to your guests
  • Segment your audience e.g. by holiday accommodation booked, homeowner or party (children or dog-owner)
  • Drive additional revenue channels such as food and beverage sales on-park
  • Retain clients and promote repeat bookings
  • Promote holiday home sales
  • Increase traffic to your app and website

Benefits of push notifications for holiday park owners

The benefits are huge for holiday parks – push notifications really drive users to your app, grab their attention and help you promote offers or incentives that can generate more revenue.

Benefits for your guests

There are benefits for your customers too. Push Notifications give them quick updates that are timely and relevant – whether you have a special offer running or you just want to let them know that the swimming pool is temporarily closed for maintenance.

When and how to use push notifications

Push notifications are very powerful but, to ensure they are effective it is important to know when and how to send them.

Here are a few examples of push notifications you can send and can apply to your own holiday park.

  1. Welcome your guests
    Send personalised messages at the most ideal moment to enhance your guest’s on-park experience. Send your guests pre-arrival information and drive them to your in-app welcome packs (with how-to videos) so they arrive on your park well informed and excited about their stay.Inform holiday guests of upcoming events, promotions and engage with each one of them on a personal level.
  1. Send incentives or special offers
    Rewarding customer loyalty with discounts and exclusive offers is a great way of building an even stronger bond with your park. Push notifications can be used to get those incentives right in front of your customers and influence them to take action.
  1. Promote new services or facilities
    Does your holiday park have a new entertainment activity to promote? Have you opened a new facility on-park? Have you added a new glamping options, pods, safari tents or shepherd huts to your accommodation options? Push notifications enable you to notify your guests about new services or facilities they can take advantage of.
  1. Offer mouth-watering discounts
    Do you have a restaurant and it’s a little quiet mid-week? Are you running a happy-hour or discount on your take-away food menu? Use push notifications to help you reach your clients with the special discount you have created for them.
  1. Target specific guest groups
    When creating push notification campaigns, you can create audiences you want to reach with a specific message based on their location or party type. For example, you can send a notification only to the guests that are on-park; to app users that have children in their party or send a message only to holiday homeowners.
  1. Promote loyalty programme packages
    If your bookings are down, you can use push notifications to generate engagement and sales for your holiday park. Many of your previous guests will keep your app installed – long after their holiday. You can send a notification to app users to tell them that they qualify for a 20% discount during the shoulder season if they join your loyalty programme.
  1. Notify guests about new cleaning procedures or important updates
    For the foreseeable future it is going to be critical to keep you guests fully informed about your Covid-secure standards and make them feel safe about their stay with you.Push notifications can be used to tell them about your enhanced clearing procedures or tell them about something important happening on your park.
  1. Request feedback from guests
    Push notifications are a great way to thank your guests for staying with you and promote a customer feedback form to gather responses or drive people to your TripAdvisor reviews.Set up an auto push notification campaign that sends a thank-you message to every guest that is due to leave today.

Please drop us a line if you are interested in a demo of Holidaymaker app with push notifications.