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The Holidaymaker story

The Founders behind Holidaymaker™

The creation of Dave Lakins and Dave McRobbie, Holidaymaker™ was born from a desire to allow holiday parks to take their guest experience to the next level. In 2021, Co-founders Dave Lakins and Dave McRobbie, envisioned a revolutionary approach to providing exceptional guest experiences. Together, they are the driving force behind Holidaymaker™, committed to enhancing the way holiday parks connect with their guests.

Dave Lakins

Dave Lakins brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, having laid the foundation of Key Digital Agency. With a strong background in the holiday park industry and a prolific journal writer for the BH&HPA, Dave blends industry insights seamlessly with digital innovation. His commitment to enhancing guest experiences has been instrumental in reshaping our vision at Holidaymaker.


Dave McRobbie

As an ethical strategist, Dave McRobbie bridges the gap between clients and agencies. His diverse background, spanning from business analysis to strategic direction, has played a pivotal role in shaping our visionary approach. Dave’s relentless pursuit of innovation pushes us to continually challenge and evolve in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and hospitality.


Our Story

2021 Holidaymaker™ is created

A normal ideas meeting turned into something else.

Discussing the park industry and the challenges our Agency clients were facing with guest engagement and onsite revenue, we asked a simple question…

“Why can’t Holiday Parks have something like the Disney MagicBand and app?”

This idea ignited, when our Head of Tech Jamie started outlining the foundation for what would become the Holidaymaker™ app. A vision to create a digital solution that could seamlessly blend technology, with the personal connections that make holiday parks truly special.

What started as an app idea evolved into a comprehensive platform. We started thinking about sources of information, how to manage and serve that information, and how it would surface to our users. That’s when the core of Holidaymaker™ took form.

“Sources, Services, and Surfaces”, where data, management, and display would combine to elevate the guest experience.


Our First Client

Around that time, long-standing agency client Beverley Holidays asked if Key Digital built mobile apps. They were looking for an app which enabled them to offer guests the same excellent ‘digital’ experiences that they offered day to day.

This provided us with the perfect opportunity to develop Holidaymaker and see our whiteboard concept come to life. The Beverley Holidays App launched in June 2020 as our first Holidaymaker™ client app.

A few months later we were delighted to welcome Skelwith Fold as our next client, helping us further expand the product and our offering.

Jamie’s skills played a crucial role. His background in the Cinema sector and all-around digital expertise (including his design skills) pushed us forward. Over the next year, Jamie handled the tech, Dave L worked on engaging existing clients, and Dave Mc found himself lost in thoughts about data possibilities, creating custom itineraries, and even exploring options for integrated payments.

Holidaymaker app for iOS and Android

2022 A Side Project Takes Flight

In the early days, we faced uncertainties and challenges. It was a leap into the unknown. Did holiday parks really need what we were creating? Could we explain it clearly? Frankly, did we fully grasp our own creation? Not to mention the challenge of launching during a global pandemic!

It was during this period that our ground-breaking features, such as data analytics, itinerary builders, and payment solutions started to take shape. The backdrop of Covid, revealed the true potential of Holidaymaker™. Guests craved digital connection and quick access to info. Our purpose became clear – to bridge that gap. With the help of our early Holidaymaker™ clients, we demonstrated that guests needed quick and reliable access to information, driving us to continually enhance functionality.

As summer of 2022 approached, we faced a pivotal decision. Should we let Holidaymaker™ remain a side project or take a bold step forward? We chose the latter, and with Dave L’s determination, we sought external investment. Our Accountant is well connected in the start-up space and gave us confidence that our product had some legs. Introducing us to Simon and Pete – partners who share our vision and have become instrumental in our growth.


2023 New Faces

The start of 2023 was marked by the arrival of our Head of Marketing Allana, and Head of Business Development David. A huge milestone in our growth and one which saw a big surge in our marketing and sales processes and strategy.

With a plan in place, we started to shift to a more structured and strategic approach. Allana growing and developing our brand and voice, as well as creating many of our processes and our strategic plans for the future.

Davids friendly and infectious enthusiasm for what we do, has been essential in pushing us further and growing our client base. Creating a clear and focused sales process that will grow as we do.

During this year we saw a boost to our investment with many new supporters and the appointment of Chairman Steve. Whose wealth of experience in the tech and hospitality space has been game-changing!


Reflecting and Looking Ahead

With newfound resources, new clients and some more new faces, Holidaymaker™ has had a huge boost, and our team has grown even stronger. We are all passionate about Holidaymaker™ and what it can do for our clients.

As we reflect on our journey, we’re humbled by what we have achieved and what’s to come. Holidaymaker™ is more than an app; it’s a testament to innovation, dedication, and our unwavering commitment to enhancing guest experiences.

We’ve turned a simple question into a reality that’s helping to change the leisure and tourism industry…and we’re only getting started.

Dave Lakins & Dave McRobbie – Co-Founders of Holidaymaker™


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