Unlocking savings with direct bookings

There are many benefits to encouraging your guests to book directly through you.


There are many benefits to encouraging guests to book direct…

Not only can you reduce the costs of each booking, but you have access to vital information about your guests, allowing you to market to them.

It’s a win win scenario!

That’s great, but how can a guest app help?

Your app can help to push more direct bookings, cutting out the substantial commission fees that eat into your profits. By cutting out the middleman you pocket a larger share of revenue, which translates into direct savings and increased profitability.

Think of an app a powerful marketing tool for your business and an essential part of your sales funnel. Encourage your guests to download your app when they book, and you open up communication right from the start. Allowing you to enhance their journey before, during and after they leave, not just when they are on site.

When you get a direct booking you have the opportunity to have that information added to your marketing database. Providing you with a way to market to them via social media, your newsletter or push notifications.

How much is a guest experience app?

Developing your own app in-house can cost anywhere from £30-60K, so its not feasible for most to justify. There are low-cost guide books or web app solutions out there that provide a basic level of information, but lack an enhanced guest experience or the ability to analyse and engage with your guests.

With Holidaymaker you get a complete guest experience platform, as well as a fully branded app, built for you, your staff and your guests. From £500 per month for a single site, it is a fraction of what you can gain in return.

Consider this…

Just one holiday home sale of £18,000 or a week stay for a family, more than justifies the cost of the app.

By adding a guest app to your strategy, your business can not only achieve substantial financial gains, but also boost loyalty. You are building meaningful guest experiences that leave them coming back again and again, and for some, making a second home with you. Ensuring a robust and long-term return on your investment.

How can i get started?

You can sign up for a demo by completing our form on the website. One of the team will contact you to discuss your requirements, and arrange a suitable time for your fully branded Holidaymaker demo.

We know you are busy, so it will be no longer than 30 minutes long. Following this, you will receive a personalised business proposal outlining costs, timescales and any extra requirements you discuss with us.

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