Don’t think you have the time to launch an app?

With the 2023 season beginning, we understand that for many parks, time is in short supply. If only you had a way to free up you and your staff…


The Holidaymaker App, not only makes managing guests easier and simpler, but you could have your own app up and running in as little as six weeks.

Our teams help you to get your own app up and running with as much or as little support as you need. Whether you have an in-house team to add your content, or need our support, we are here to help.

Once you are set up the benefits are far reaching for you, your staff and of course your guests…

Drive bookings and revenue

Send your guests push notifications with tailored on-site promotions.

  • Encourage guests to spend more on-site, rather than going off-site
  • Targeted booking offers help to secure future stays, and allow your guests the convenience of booking through the app and your website
  • Promote park home sales with the sales module, showing guests what homes are for sale, prices and specifications
Build your itinerary

Reduce operational costs

Holidaymaker allows your guests to self-serve, freeing your valuable staff.

  • Push notifications and in-app messaging notifies guests of on-site facilities, events, etc.
  • Generate more engagement with customers without increased admin and work
  • Enables guests to read FAQ’s, log any issues or leave feedback in-app
  • Manage flexible check-ins and check-outs around you, streamlining the flow of guests
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Building loyalty

Adding an extra level to your existing customer service, and enhancing their holiday experience before, during and after their stay. Keep your guests coming back again and again with an easy-to-use app.

  • Holiday countdown and enhanced booking updates build excitement
  • Plan their stay – creating personalised itineraries and viewing local attractions
  • Personalised marketing pushed to the customer in advance and during their stay
  • Customer support and park concierge – connect with your customer service team
  • Social media integration so you can easily connect to your guests and their network
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