Holiday home sales

The Holidaymaker Holiday Home Sales module is your key to showcasing your available properties to a wider audience.


Do you sell holiday homes, caravans or luxury lodges?

By integrating this module into your Holidaymaker app, you can provide your guests with detailed information on all available properties, pricing, virtual tours, and add a direct line of communication to your sales team, all through the app!

Engage prospective homeowners

With the power of push notifications, alerts, and exclusive offers, you can actively engage with potential homeowners while they are still on your park, nurturing their interest and increasing your chances of a sale.


Streamlined Enquiries

Receive sales inquiries directly through the app, making it easier than ever for potential buyers to get in touch with your sales team.

Easy Property Management

Managing your property listings is a breeze with Holidaymaker. Upload your latest available properties and enable app users to filter listings by type, location, condition, and size.

Each home listing can be enhanced with essential specifications, high-quality images, engaging videos, detailed floor plans, and much more.

Holiday Homes Sales module

"We can attribute two caravan sales directly to the app"

Waterside Holiday Group

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