Holidaymaker benefits

What’s in it for me?

Before you arrive
While you're there
After you've left

Getting ready for your holiday

Holiday Countdown

Only a few days to go, time to get excited your holiday awaits!

Handy booking details

View your booking and welcome pack in your app

Checklists and events

Create your own favourite itineraries and book events before you arrive

Download the app to your devices in advance

Now there is even more reason for your guests to engage with you before they arrive.

We’ll help you encourage your guests to download the app a few days before they travel so that they can start planning their stay on your holiday park.

They will be able to access all of your latest park health and safety information, check events that are coming up and know what to expect when they arrive.


Holidaymaker app for holiday parks. On iOS and Android

Login with your booking details

When a user first launches the Holidaymaker app they are taken through a simple set up process – login in as a guest for basic app access or add their booking details for a richer app experience.

We integrate with your booking system so that logged in users can check their booking details, see a holiday countdown clock and set their preferences to receive notifications on park offers and promotions.


Add your booking details

View park maps, welcome pack and check out your accommodation

Your Holidaymaker app includes an interactive park map enabling your guests to get a feel for your park before they come, check on-park facilities and key locations.

You can reduce your need for paper maps and expensive reprints. When you need to add a new map location, simply update the app from your Holidaymaker dashboard.

Guest can view their welcome packs directly within the app – and you can enhance these with easy to watch accommodation videos and checklists.

View park maps and accommodation

Build your itinerary

Your guests can create their own personal itineraries from your things to do, events and activities and build anticipation for their stay with you.


If you run your own on-park activities, not a problem. We’ve integrated with a number of 3rd party software applications to enable guest to pre-book their activities in advance.

Build your itinerary
Customer Experience
Revenue & Savings

Deliver exceptional in-stay guest experience

Give your guests all the information they need across a range of devices – website, app, tablets, voice and digital signage.

Engage with your guests from the moment their booking is confirmed, offering them access to information, recommendations and more.

Encourage pre-arrival guests to download your own branded guest app and pre-book activities or order meal packs.

Once they are on the park, provide your guests with easy how-to-videos on how to use the appliances in their accommodation and where to find things around the park.

Deliver exceptional in-stay guest experience

Your park on their phone

Make your park brand shine on your guests’ smartphones. The advantage of having a park app, in comparison to a website, is that you can establish a direct connection with your guests by literally having your brand in guests’ pocket and interacting with them.

Use your Holidaymaker app to deliver key information, solve your guest’s problems and provide an exceptional guest experience that exceeds expectations every time.

Crucially you can update all of your digital assets from one place. No need to duplicate entries for your website, app or digital signage.

Your park in their hands

Communicate in real-time

Send out perfectly timed messages allowing you to communicate with guests automatically before they arrive and when they are on the park.

Reach them either individually or by sending a mass message. Your notifications will appear on the guest’s smartphone or tablet even if the application is turned off. Your messages will never be overlooked again.

You can even segment different messages to guests depending on their party and accommodation type.

Get notifications and announcements

It's great ... 90% of our guests are arriving on the park with the app already installed

Claire Flower – Beverley Park, Devon