seeview Digital Displays

Engage guests with real-time information, reduce wait times, and create captivating displays that enhance their stay.

From your main reception to lodges, spas, bars and restaurants, seeview transforms how guests connect with you.

Enhance their stay with dynamic content and instant information.

Empowering guests to access information at their convenience. With non-contact support a priority, a single screen can assist multiple guests simultaneously, reducing the load on your staff.

Real-Time Updates via Holidaymaker

Easily update digital displays from the Holidaymaker CMS. Share real-time information like facility hours, weather updates, events, and holiday home sales.

Beverley Holidays Reception Sign

Make a Memorable First Impression

The reception is where first impressions are formed. Use digital signage to create a welcoming atmosphere and set the tone for your guests’ experience.

Flexible Display Formats

seeview adapts to your screen formats, from large displays to tablets, kiosks, and totem displays, ensuring seamless integration.

Ready to Elevate Guest Communication?

Book a demo to experience how seeview can transform your communication and create an unforgettable guest journey.

Waterside Holiday Home Sales

Choose the right plan for you

Pro – Integration with Holidaymaker

Suitable for new and existing Holidaymaker clients who already use the Holidaymaker system.

One-off setup fee: £500 +VAT

Plus a monthly screen licence fee:

  • 3 Screen Licences: £75+VAT
  • 10 Screen Licences: £225+VAT

Basic – Separate Cloud CMS

If you don’t already have Holidaymaker CMS you will need to have a bespoke version that you can log into and update.

One-off setup fee: £999+VAT

Plus a monthly screen licence fee:

  • 3 Screen Licences: £75+VAT
  • 10 Screen Licences: £225+VAT

Bespoke quotes available on request.

Beverley Holidays Totem Sign

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