How it works

Learn how our powerful Holidaymaker platform, coupled with your app, website, tablet, voice and digital signage can deliver a better experience for your guests before, during and after their stay.

We’re able to deliver significant benefits for both guests and business owners by leveraging the technology devices that your guests are used to using on a daily basis.

Holidaymaker is structured in 3 elements:

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Content Sources

Your website, other 3rd party systems or your booking system plug seamlessly into Holidaymaker and can start sharing information.

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Holidaymaker middleware

The heart of the system that collates all of the content, runs scheduled jobs, looks after push notifications etc

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Your guests get the very latest news, updates, offers and info on mobile and tablet devices. It doesn’t stop there - all this is available on connected smart speakers and digital signage!

Content Sources

Your website is the main data source for the surfaces you use. However, Holidaymaker offers the flexibility of connecting with multiple content sources including other 3rd party systems and your booking system.

You are in complete control to update your FAQs, things to do, interactive maps, events and even your digital signage – making sure your guests always have the most up to date information.

To make changes, simply update the content within Holidaymaker on your website and those changes are then pushed out to whichever device you decide to receive that information e.g. your website and your app.

There’s no duplication of data and crucially one place to manage content for your website, app, digital signage, voice and tablets.

Your website data source

Holidaymaker Middleware

The heart of the system (the clever bit) that collates all of the content, manages and secures data from the various sources and then translates it into multiple formats (including text to voice). It runs scheduled jobs, looks after push notifications and makes sure content is delivered to the right surface.

A key component to Holidaymaker is our ability to be able to capture user behavioural data and translate that into key insights for business owners.

Holidaymaker middleware


The device delivery layer – or put simply – “surfaces”. You decide where to distribute your content, just on your website or across multiple devices including; phone app, voice, digital signage, tablets and kiosks.

Display you content on various surfaces

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