Food and beverage

Table reservations, ordering and payments are now available within Holidaymaker

For your guests

Your guests can now reserve a table, scan a barcode, view digital menus, and place an order on their phones! All without the need for you to have a separate Food and Beverage app!

Creating a central point of information for your business and streamlining the customer journey.

Supporting take-aways, delivery and ordering at table services.

Offer guests an extra level of service, with simple and convenient ordering and payments across your restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee shops and more.


For you

Streamline your operations and keep guests within your Holidaymaker channel – not only making it easier for them, but allowing your guest data to keep collecting insights in the background.

Have your tech in one place, providing a clear central location for your guests during their stay, and eliminating the need for more than one guest app.

We already work with many of the leading F&B technology providers, but do let us know if you use a system we don’t currently connect to. We are adding more all the time.

Holidaymaker F&B work with your existing systems

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