Rising bookings across West Dorset holiday parks

Despite the lack of sun this August, an increase in bookings signals bright prospects for UK holiday parks


In a recent news article by the Bridport & Lyme Regis News, it’s been reported that West Dorset holiday park bookings have experienced a remarkable surge, with bookings at West Bay Holiday Park nearly doubling compared to the same period last year.

This news spells great opportunities for our valued Holidaymaker clients in the area, West Dorset Leisure Holidays and Waterside Holiday Group, as well as other local holiday parks such as Freshwater Beach Holiday ParkDurdle Door Holiday Park, and Ulwell Holiday Park.As the tourism industry witnesses a significant influx of holidaymakers, the local economy in Dorset is set to benefit. The rise in bookings is not only promising for the holiday parks but also a positive indicator for the hospitality and leisure businesses in the region.

According to Parkdean Resorts, the parent company of West Bay Holiday Park, the spending by holidaymakers has increased by 9% year on year. With Parkdean Chief Customer Officer, Xavier Vallee adding: “We’ve seen a massive increase in last-minute bookings and the rising number of people looking to holiday in the UK this year provides a welcome boost to local economies in parts of the UK which are heavily reliant on tourism.”

The ease of travel within the UK, coupled with hassle-free experiences at holiday parks, makes them an attractive choice. With uncertainty surrounding international travel, the allure of quick getaways and the charm of coastal areas have contributed to this rise.

At Holidaymaker, we’re thrilled for our clients, and are excited to see how this positive momentum will continue to shape the holiday park industry across the country.

As the local economy flourishes and holidaymakers explore the beauty of the UK, we remain committed to providing digital solutions that enhance guest experiences, reduce costs and support our clients’ growth.

SourceBridport & Lyme Regis News

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