The Holidaymaker Q&A

In this Q&A find out six essential need to know answers to common questions and guidance on how to get started.


Transform your business and elevate guest experience

In this Q&A find out six essential need to know answers to common questions and guidance on how to get started.

Q1: What sets the Holidaymaker apart from other guest experience platforms?

A: Holidaymaker is not just an app, but a comprehensive guest experience platform that works alongside your operations and existing investments. Whether you’re looking to drive bookings, reduce operational costs, or build guest loyalty, Holidaymaker is designed to meet your needs.

Q2: How does the app contribute to revenue generation?

A: Holidaymaker serves as a powerful revenue-generating tool. From driving direct bookings and reducing commission fees, to promoting on-site offers and showcasing available properties, the app maximises opportunities to increase your bottom line. It’s not just a guest app, it’s a strategic investment that helps to boost financial success.

Q3: But how much is Holidaymaker?

A: Developing an in-house app can be costly, ranging anywhere from £2-60K, with quality varying greatly from cheaper web based apps with limited functionality, to bespoke in-house apps.

However, with Holidaymaker, you get a complete guest experience platform and a fully branded app at a fraction of that cost. Starting from £500 per month for a single site, the platform provides substantial returns on investment, making it an accessible and cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Q4: How does Holidaymaker reduce operational costs?

A: Holidaymaker streamlines your operations by allowing guests to self-serve, reducing the workload on your valuable staff. The app facilitates flexible check-ins and check-outs, streamlining the flow of guests and freeing up staff for more meaningful interactions. Additionally, it replaces costly printed materials with digital alternatives, contributing to a greener and more cost-effective approach.

Q5: Can Holidaymaker help in building guest loyalty?

A: Absolutely. The app adds an extra layer to customer service, enhancing guest experiences before, during, and after their stay. With features like visit countdowns, personalised itineraries, and easy access to customer support, Holidaymaker helps build emotional connections that result in increased loyalty. Loyal customers are more likely to book again and recommend your business to others.

Q6: How can I get started with the Holidaymaker Guest Experience Platform?

A: Getting started is easy. Simply sign up for a demo on our website, and one of our team members will contact you to discuss your specific requirements. The demo, lasting no more than 30 minutes, will showcase the platform’s capabilities and how it can be tailored to your business. Following the demo, you’ll receive a personalised business proposal outlining costs, timescales, and any additional features you discuss with us.

What are you waiting for?

The Holidaymaker Guest Experience Platform is not just another software product, it’s a strategic partner for your business. From driving revenue to reducing operational costs and building guest loyalty, Holidaymaker is designed to transform the way you connect with your guests.

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