How App Technology is Enhancing Guest Experience

Although superior guest service will always include in-person interactions between staff and guests, holiday parks that evolve towards a mobile-first approach can truly excel.


Although superior guest service will always include in-person interactions between staff and guests, holiday parks that evolve towards a mobile-first approach can truly excel.

Many parks are now opting for app-based technology, which guests can easily download to their mobile phone. This can help parks to increase their brand awareness, more easily market to customers, and clearly define the guest experience. Whilst also providing instant access to information, facilities and the self-service options that guests have come to expect.

Guest expectations have undergone radical change over the last few years. Covid-19 was a key driver in the push towards more contact-less connections, and that trend continued as we came out of lockdown.

Not only that, but holiday park customers expect more personalisation and services such as on tap Wi-Fi, speedy check-in, and online bookings. The bar has been raised thanks to technology, sharing experiences on social media and familiarity with streamlined services throughout all areas of people’s lives.

The hospitality sector is always looking at new ways to deliver the best guest experience. Parks can engage with guests digitally in many ways, responsive websites, email marketing or on-park signage, to name a few. But there is now an opportunity for holiday parks to engage with guests throughout the whole customer journey using one device.

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More parks are seeing the advantages of having a digital app sit alongside their website. A park can establish a direct connection with guests by literally having their brand in their guest’s pocket.

Mobile apps have become an integral part of daily life and fundamentally transformed the way people travel and spend their free time. Today’s travellers expect immediate access to information and staff to quickly respond to requests on a 24/7 basis. A guest app can provide personalised, real-time content and increase customer satisfaction, build a stronger bond, and cultivate loyal customers.

There has been a shift, especially with younger generations, to want to avoid unnecessary personal interaction with businesses unless absolutely necessary. Preferring to make service requests using digital mediums to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Your park in their hands

Imagine being able to directly connect with your customers whilst they are on your park – e.g. allow guests to login and see their booking details, provide contact-less check-in, open their lodge with a smartphone key, provide personalised things to do and enable bookings of a restaurant table or activity.

With traditional media consumption moving to digital platforms and apps, here’s an opportunity to add more value to your guest’s stay and ultimately drive loyalty and additional sales.

When holiday park guest spending is at a premium and staff shortages in the hospitality sector are at an all-time high – it is time to look at new ways of working. Rolling out your own holiday park Holidaymaker app not only enables you to provide a personalised guest experience, it gives you the opportunity to:

Drive Bookings and Revenue

Send your guests push notifications with tailored promotions and event information to encourage higher on-site spend.

  • Encourage guests to spend more on-site in your restaurants, bars and shops, rather than going off-site
  • Targeted booking offers help to secure future stays, and allow your guests the convenience of booking through the app and your website
  • Promote park home sales with the sales module, showing guests what homes are for sale, prices and specifications
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Reduce Operational Costs

Holidaymaker allows your guests to self-serve, freeing your valuable staff.

  • Push notifications and in-app messaging notifies guests of on-site facilities, events, etc.
  • Generate more engagement with customers without increased admin and work
  • Enables guests to read FAQ’s, log any issues or leave feedback in-app
  • Manage flexible check-ins and check-outs around you, streamlining the flow of guests

Allow guests the freedom to manage their own holiday. Whether that means a self-service stay with minimal interaction or finding the information in-app and then booking in person.

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Build Loyalty

Adding an extra level to your existing customer service, and enhancing their holiday experience before, during and after their stay. Keep your guests coming back again and again with an easy-to-use app.

  • Holiday countdown and enhanced booking updates build excitement
  • Plan their stay – creating personalised itineraries and viewing local attractions
  • Personalised marketing pushed to the customer in advance and during their stay
  • Customer support and park concierge – connect with your customer service team
  • Social media integration so you can easily connect to your guests and their network
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