Lockdown drives growth in App use

Lockdown drives growth in App usage and consumer spending

The last 10 years is one which brought us many new developments in the digital world. On January 1st 2010, the iPad hadn’t been invented and none of these existed: Instagram, Snapchat, Apple Maps, GoFundMe, Apple Watch, Facebook Messenger, Candy Crush, WeWork, WeChat, Tinder, Siri, Stripe or even Zoom.

During this time we have seen the technology disruption of the smartphone and social media impact on all of our daily lives.

The Future is Mobile

Some holiday parks have already started to leverage mobile platforms with mobile-friendly website and park apps, but up until now have mostly only provided limited static content.

Covid-19 has driven a dramatic growth in app usage over the lockdown. According to TechCrunch, the second quarter of 2020 became the largest yet for mobile app downloads, usage and consumer spending. Fuelled by NHS test and trace, and social distancing measures, this trend is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Covid-19 has driven a dramatic growth in app usage over the lockdown. Techcrunch

Connect with your guests in more meaningful ways

Mobile apps that dynamically connect with your park management system (PMS), booking, and event / entertainment systems will deliver the next big move in guest engagement.

Imagine being able to directly connect with your customers whilst they are on your park – e.g. open their lodge with a smartphone key, provide personalised things to do and enable bookings of a restaurant table or activity.

Ultimately, these will drive loyalty and additional sales.

With traditional media consumption moving to digital platforms and apps, holiday parks will have greater personalisation opportunities and the ability to connect with consumers in more meaningful ways.

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