Discover a new kind of guest experience

Holidaymaker can help you deliver a better experience for your guests before, during and after their stay.

We’re able to deliver significant benefits for both guests and park owners by leveraging the mobile device that every one of your guests already carries in their pocket and the digital technology you have on your park.

Our innovative technology platform ensures your guests get the very latest news, updates, offers and park information via your Holidaymaker App© on their mobile phone, website, tablets, digital signage and more.

Some of the benefits Holidaymaker can bring your park

  • Provide your guests all the information they need across a range of devices – website, app, tablets, voice and digital signage.
  • Engage with them from the moment their booking is confirmed, deliver key information, and provide an exceptional guest experience that exceeds expectations every time.
  • Communicate in real-time with perfectly timed messages with your guests automatically before they arrive and when they are on the park.
  • Drive direct, repeat bookings and save on OTA commission before they leave.
  • Promote special offers, late-season packages and deals at your shop or restaurant with push notifications and amplify your message.
  • Show your latest holiday homes for sale along with virtual tours and more – engage with potential home owners whilst they are still on your park.
  • Offer exclusive services and special deals to your existing holiday homeowners with our VIP portal.
  • Gather guest feedback and analyse your guests and their behaviours like never before.
Holidaymaker - iscover a new kind of guest experience

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