Guidebook or Guest Experience App?

Travel, whether for leisure or business, has undergone a huge change with the integration of technology.

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Among the technological innovations, digital guidebooks and guest experience apps have emerged as valuable companions for modern travellers. But what are the differences and which one best suits your business?


Traditional guidebooks, once the companion of every traveler, have evolved into digital alternatives. Digital guidebook apps provide information about destinations, attractions, and local tips, all conveniently stored on your device.Often very low-cost, these apps can fall short when it comes to customisation, personalisation, and the seamless integration of real-time updates.

Limited Customisations

Digital guidebooks typically offer a fixed set of information with limited scope for personalisation. Travellers may find themselves scrolling through generic web content that may not align with their specific interests or preferences.

Web-App Constraints

Many digital guidebooks operate as web-apps, accessible through browsers. While convenient, this often results in slower performance and a less intuitive user experience compared to native apps. Web apps require internet access to function – a limitation for businesses with poor or no WiFi access – whereas native apps only need the internet to receive data updates.

Static Content

Traditional guidebook apps can become outdated quickly. They may lack real-time updates, leaving travellers with old information that doesn’t reflect the dynamic nature of the travel and leisure industry.

Guest Experience Apps

Guest experience apps, like Holidaymaker, take the idea of traditional guidebooks and elevate them to something more.

Designed to enhance the guest experience before, during and after their stay, they offer something more to guests.

Driving Revenue

Target guests and owners with personalised offers and upsells, dynamic events and promos and drive holiday home sales. Uncover guest insights and maximise revenue with data from the app on guest behaviour.

Real-Time Updates and Connectivity

Send guests real-time information and updates. Whether it’s changes in events, promotions, booking offers, local events, or recommendations, guest experience apps keep travellers informed and connected throughout their journey.


Guest experience apps offer personalisation, allowing guests to create itineraries, and see upcoming events, ensuring that every stay is unique and memorable.

Native App Advantage

Guest experience apps are native applications, optimised for specific operating systems. This results in smoother performance, faster navigation, and a seamless user interface.

Interested in learning more?

The Holidaymaker Guest Experience Platform is not just another software product, it’s a strategic partner for your business. From driving revenue to reducing operational costs and building guest loyalty, Holidaymaker is designed to transform the way you connect with your guests.

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