Understand what makes your guests tick

Holidaymaker gives you a new opportunity to analyse your guests and their behaviours like never before.

By analysing the way they interact with your app and what they do on your park will put you in a better position to understand their preferences and even predict their intentions.

Understanding your customer behaviour helps you to improve your services, offer a more personalised service and target direct bookings.

analyse your guests and their behaviours like never before

Gather guest feedback

Learn how guests feel about your park and its services prior to their checkout.

Satisfy each and every guest and eliminate any potential negative reviews on TripAdvisor or Google Reviews. Thanks to their feedback, you can improve your services to meet the needs of even your most demanding guests.

Holidaymaker helps you keep the bad reviews in-house while encouraging the guest to leave positive reviews on booking channels and social media.

Gather guest feedback

Act on real-time information

Holidaymaker’s reporting capabilities gives you a real-time insight into your guest’s satisfaction whilst they are on your park.

See how each one of your platforms is performing in order to streamline your content.

We capture data from thousands of guest interactions to build a rich database of common requests and potential pain points.

You can understand what is enhancing and hindering the customer experience and where you need to strategically improve operations.

Act on real-time information